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EZ Shortlist


Your personalized recruitment service


A tailored service for your hiring needs.
It saves you time and finds the best


We will select the best candidates for you.
You no longer have to spend hours reviewing resumes and calling candidates.


All candidates have been reviewed and verified, specifically for your restaurant. 


Save time


Vetted candidates

How does it work?


Tell us about the role you're hiring for








You will get vetted candidates for YOUR restaurant within a week.

WE will review resumes, run social verification, conduct phone screens, and check references.

Contact the candidates you liked directly to setup interviews.

Why is this better than just posting on Craigslist or Indeed?

Hire 2.5x faster - Most of our partners go from job ad to a hire in less than 10 days!

Edizeven’s team of recruiters ensures the candidates are a good fit for YOUR restaurant. 

What does it cost?


Starting at just $129 you get a lot more than a job post.

We post the job for you

We shortlist candidates that fit your needs

We conduct a phone screen interview

No more time wasted scanning hundreds of applications that don't fit your needs

You simply interview candidates from our shortlist and hire the one you like

You are in good company

What our customers think of us:

I was incredibly impressed with your service. Each applicant was qualified for the first time in my life as a restaurant manager, I was considering more applicants than positions that I had open.

Colby Behrends

Managing Partner - San Diego

The candidates have been great thus far! We're very happy with the service you were able to provide and the quick turnaround time! Thank you so much!

Brandon Wood


We were very satisfied with the service Edizeven provided. We ended up hiring a couple of people from the prospects they sent and will use them again in the future as needed.

Barclay Poole

Business Operations Manager

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