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We understand the unique needs of the restaurant industry and help you hire faster and better than with a traditional job board.

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Tired of sifting through endless resumes and dealing with unresponsive or no-show candidates? 

We take the hassle out of hiring. Our streamlined recruitment process includes expert advertising and vetting to bring you only the most qualified candidates who fit your role needs. 

Say goodbye to wasted time and frustration, and hello to quality applicants, faster hiring.

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You will get vetted candidates for YOUR business within a week.

WE will review resumes, run social verification, conduct phone screens, and check references.

Contact the candidates you directly to setup interviews. .


If you have selected the Guaranteed Hire, we will schedule the interviews for you until you make the hire.

Candidates vetted by industry experts

Reduced no-shows by 53%

+20 hours saved per job

Hire x3 faster

We take care of all the hiring process for you 

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Onsite interview scheduling

Candidate sourcing

Resume review

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From small coffee shops 

to chains and hotels,

they hire x3 faster and better

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You're in good company

I have never encountered a company like Edizeven. For the prize of a standard job posting, we have a full team of recruiters looking to help us fill our open position.

Sara Friedman

VP Operations, Randy's Donuts

I used Edizeven in my last 4 hires, and I can't tell you the amount of time I saved hiring.

Zach Liporace

CEO, Pop Bagels

I was incredibly impressed with your service. Each applicant was qualified for the first time in my life as a restaurant manager, I was considering more applicants than positions that I had open.

Colby Behrends

Managing Partner - San Diego

From small coffee shops to chains and hotels,

they hire x3 faster and better

We help hire for all sorts of restaurant jobs - servers, cooks, restaurant managers or any other role... you name it!

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